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How do we begin?

After having our initial 15 – 30 minute ZOOM video call, we can discuss what you need help with and what package best suits your needs. However, if you’d like to customize a package, that can be arranged. But supposing after we speak, I notice certain points were not addressed, at which point I will send you a form to fill out, to guarantee we are both on the same page. Once you agree to hire me, I will send you an Independent Contractor agreement specific to your project requiring both our signatures to get started.

Do you require a deposit to begin?

All clients are required to pay a fifty percent deposit before I begin working with them. If not, our contract will not be honored and you will be dropped as a client.

Are refunds available?

If for whatever reason we ‘do not click’, your deposit will be refunded immediately.

How quickly would you answer any emails sent to you by clients?

Normally, there’s a two to four hour turnaround for email replies unless the task at hand requires a faster reply.

Will there be weekly check-ins ?

There will be a weekly ZOOM video call scheduled to check up on any changes required to the tasks assigned.

What are your business hours?

My business hours are Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm EST. No emails sent during off-hours will be answered unless there is an emergency.

How would I pay you if hired?

All payments are to be made via PayPal to Optimal Octopus as soon as you receive my invoice. Long-term projects will be invoiced every two weeks, and payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

Are there late fees?

There will be a $50 late fee for any outstanding invoices more than 5 days. Additional lateness by 15 days, there will be subsequent $50 late fees.

All work will come to a full stop until payment has been made in full. You will be required to pay up front afterward for any future work until such time I deem you a client ‘in good standing’ again.

After 90 days of non-payment, your account will be sent to a collections agency as well as to credit bureaus.

What if you don’t hear from a client for a while?

If I don’t hear from you after 15 days, your account will be considered ‘INACTIVE’. You will have to contact me to reactivate your account and see when I’ll be able to assist you, as my time might already be occupied by another client.

How will a project be managed that involves various members?

Trello will be used to keep everyone included in the project’s process. If you prefer another method, that can be discussed.

How will I know the hours I paid for are being allocated accordingly?

Dapulse or Toggl will list what tasks I am working on. These will specify the start and end dates of specific tasks assigned along with how many hours it took for completion.