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I’m Yvette 

de las Nueces and nothing makes me smile this big than helping brands grow their online presence using social media and content creation. After years of working in various industries, I’ve been able to hone in on what works to make a brand stand out in the digital landscape.

By crafting the right branding strategy for your business, together we can collaborate on finding your brand’s message.

With my expertise in social media marketing, visual branding and my ability to translate trends into winning strategies, I will help you attract the dream clients you’ve been after.

When One Pair of Arms Isn’t Enough

Armed with social media and content creation expertise, you’ll be thankful to have more than one pair of arms to help. Whether the right words escape you to tell your brand’s story or you don’t have a design bone in your body, we here at Optimal Octopus can help you.

Simply set up a free 15 minute video call to discuss your ‘Who’, ‘Why’, ‘How’, and ‘What’ to get your business on the right path. So click below to start building a successful business partnership together!